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Stree Rog

Womens are backbone of our society. They plan an important role in various fields of work. Hence women health is given a priority in various National Health Care Programs. Ayurveda has already identified the importance of woman health and has categorically elaborated various aspects under the name "Strirog avm Prasutitantra". This subject deals with the normal as well as abnormal Anatomy and Physiology of a woman and the extensive medical as well as surgical treatment of various diseases by Ayurvedic and modern principles.

Department of Prasutitantra Evum Striroga focuses on complete care of a women since from balyavastha to vruddhavastha and from Menarche (Pratham rajodarshana) to menopause (Rajonivrutti) and beyond. Ayurveda does not provide us only treatment of diseases but also suggests various regimens at each important phase of womens life like Rutumaticharya during Menstrual cycle of each month. Acharya Charaka, Sushruta provided us regimens like Garbhini Paricharya which has to be followed throughout pregnancy which results as it gives healthy progeny. Sutika paricharya is also provided by our Acharyas which reduces complications during puerperial period.


  • To deliver knowledge of various Ayurvedic concepts in the field of Prasutitantra evum Striroga and correlate them with modern science.

  • To provide best Doctors to the society who are very confident in handling different cases and who can manage the complications too.


  • To produce the graduates of Ayurveda through timely innovative and creative training programm who can excel in patient’s care.

  • To provide adequate clinical and practical knowledge so as to handle complications in both Ayurvedic and Modern way.


  • To implement Ayurvedic Standard Operating Procedures(SOP’s) for various sthanik chikitsa(local treatment procedures) related to Prasutitantra Evum Striroga.
  • To explore Ayurvedic treatment modalities for various Gynaecological and obstetric disorders.
  • To validate pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs and kalpa(ayurvedic formulations).

  • To fulfill the needs, we have -

  • Well experienced teaching faculty
  • Departmental library with updated books
  • Department has well established OPD, IPD, Operation theatre and labour room.