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Dravyaguna department describes principles of Dravyaguna including details of herbal origin drugs. It explains basic pharmacology including drug nomenclature, dosage forms, drug actions and body responses. It describes taxonomy of medicinal plants and their methods of cultivation. Identify and demonstrate adulteration of drugs and explain a solution for the problem through the fundamentals of Dravyaguna. State sources of crude drugs, collection methods, processing and storage of medicinal plants. State Basics of Sanskrit, Ayurveda and other Health Sciences. Use technology in diagnostic and treatment activities. Employ appropriate skills, attitude, and responsibility towards humanity within professional limitations. Follow the rules of Bio-medical waste from the view of sustaining environment. Implement Ayurvedic principles and procedures in diagnosis and treatment; Manage clinics, projects, hospital and finance. Apply knowledge of ethical standards and legal responsibilities in practice. Have a holistic approach towards humanity as a whole. Pursue for post graduation studies. Assess and plan researches in multidisciplinary streams applying their knowledge of Ayurveda. To make students aware of propagation and cultivation techniques of important medicinal plants. To create a platform for study of therapeutic application of medicinal plants. To give thorough knowledge of medicinal plants to the students like identification, purity, qualities and actions etc.


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