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Kriya Sharir

Sharir Kriya dept. is consists of Dosh, Dhatu, Mela. & Prakruti Vidnyaneeya - Modern Physiology Lab is full equiped. with all physiological Reagents & chemicals as per MSR -Sharir kriya (physiology) deals with the normal function of human body of its parts with respective systems -In This Conceptual study of fundamental Principles of Ayurvediya Kriya sharir e.g. Tridosha, Triguna, Lokapurush Samya siddhant, Samanya - Vishesha etc. basic Principles. -Improve performance of the students by class seminars, group discussions, presentation by concept posters, or working models or PPT presentations.


  • To provide deep insights into the study of human body and human life.
  • The department aims at imparting quality education to the seekers of Ayurveda in order to produce good physicians and researchers.


  • To develop innovative teaching methods and resources.
  • To provide in depth knowledge about the fundamentals of shareera or human body to the students of Ayurveda.
  • To nurture the thinking of students to utilize the concepts of shareerakriya in curative and preventive aspects of Ayurveda .