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Rasashastra evam Bhaisajya Kalpana

It is a unique branch in Ayurveda dealing with preparation of medicines. Along with the knowledge from ancient texts, the branch is updated with modern pharmaceutical techniques to suit the present day needs & trend.

Teaching pharmacy:

well designed in a wide area to cater the needs of teaching the essentials of processing and formulation knowledge to students. It has all the basic necessary instruments and devices for the students to learn the basics of preparing medicines. Various herbal & herbo mineral preparations for hospital in house usage are also manufactured here.

Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana Is a subject of 2nd year B.A.M.S. It is the tradition of Ayurveda that every Vaidya should prepare his own medicine required for his patients. The Idea behind that is Vaidya must aware about the ingredients, purity, authenticity, adulteration, collection of raw materials, storage, method of preparation, shelf life, dosage of medicine. so for this Vaidya should prepare his own medicine under his observation. In Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, Rasashastra mainly deals with the medicines prepared by parad (Mercury), metals and mineral origin and Bhaishajya Kalpana deals with the medicine prepared by herbal and animal origin.



As we Know Our Ancient Vaidyas Prepare their own medicines which are required for their Patients. Now a days due to time period many pharmaceutical companies established and they offer ready medicines to vaidyas. The impact of this many Vaidya don’t know ingredients, method of preparation, no. of bhavanas, Sanskars etc. If students prepare medicine by his own and see the results on Patients then he develop faith on Ayurveda. So our vision is to make such a vaidyas which are having faith in Ayurveda, prepare their own medicines and Spreading Ayurveda Globally.


Student Should Know Traditional As well As modern Method Of preparation of medicines, Their dosages, Anupan, Pharmacokinetic Action, Adverse Effect and Uses.