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Agadtanton Department Included in 3 BAMS Course. The Agadtantra Department deals with study of, Toxicology poisons, It's action clinical manifestations diagnosis of acute, chronic poison and treatment. poison refers to the toxins produced by toxic materials and living organism. which are dangerous to human beinge. e.g. poisonous plants, heavy metals and its compound. The Venom of Snake, Scorpion, spiders, bees ete. food poisoning, Insecticide, herbicide, and rodenticide etc. It Includes occupational and Industrial toxicity, diagnosis and management. Forensic medicine and Medical Jurispru dence. It also deals with Medical ethics, Laws related to poisons.

Departmental Facilities-

The depat dept has total 1250 Sqft. area. There is seprate museum 50 charts,25 wepon, 69 specimens, 8 models. There are & Seperate Cabins for Associate professor and Assistant professor.